In the many years of practicing engineering as a profession from research and development to commercial plant operations, I observed over time that many good ideas never came to fruition. The good ideas were typically blocked by those who did not understand the technology behind the good idea and/ or by those ideas supported by others with vested interests or agendas. Thus, the quotation presented here keeps the true professional aware of potential roadblocks in order to be successful.

“Show me an agenda and it likely will lead you astray.

Give me technology and it will lead you to prosperity. ”

In all my professional work experiences from research and development, process development and design, construction , start-up and operation of commercial plant operations, and waste management always played a role in the final outcome of a plant’s commercial profitability. My exposure, interest , and professional knowledge in gasification of hydrocarbon s began in the late 1960’s while working in the energy industry. When my exposure to plasma gasification technology began in the early 2000’s from listening to a seminar by Dr. Circeo, the practical process benefits of plasma gasification technology for the management of waste s became apparent and caught my professional interest. After several years of further scientific inquiry into plasma technology, it became obvious that a proven technology was available to manage a wide variety of solid wastes, such as municipal solid waste (MSW ), to produce energy and valuable recyclable by-product s with essentially no wastes. Further economic assessment of the plasma gasification process on MSW indicated a proven process of commercial viability.

Thus, this book was under taken to inform the public, teachers, professors, public officials, city, state, federal government s, businessmen, and businesswomen on how the proven plasma gasification technology can be used to manage MS W and generate energy and revenues for local communities in an environmentally safe manner with essentially no waste s. Furthermore, currently generated MSW can be processed with this proven plasma gasification technology to eliminate air and water pollution from landfills. It is my professional hope that this proven and economic plasma gasification technology for the management of MSW will be understood and embraced by the reader so as to lead to prosperity.

Download: Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Conversion

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